Week 150: Rye sourdough loaf

After last week’s “success”, I was really looking forward to another attempt, with just a slight increase in hydration (from 66% to 75%). I had a bit of a scare though, as, even after the third feeding, #pangzhi remained dormant. It wasn’t until I was about to head out for dinner that it decided to bubble-up, screwing up my usual sourdough schedule. Harrumph! 😑

Fortunately, I took a day off work to spend some time with an old, old friend, whom I have not seen for the last 20 (!?!) years. So in between our chit-chat and reruns of #gbbo, I was running in and out of the kitchen, checking on my sourdough loaf.

Thankfully the effort was well worthwhile. I mean, look at the holes on this one! 🤓 Also thanks to @thefoodpoet for being such a patient hand model and for bearing with my sourdough obsession.

For this loaf, the usual proportion of rye, flour and 200g water were allowed to autolyse in the refrigerator at noon. At 9 p.m., it was mixed with salt and remaining 55g water and starter. The dough was kneaded for 10 mins. 3 stretch-and-fold were done at 30 minutes interval. At 1:00 a.m., the loaf was shaped and allowed to proof. And finally baked at 9:30 a.m.

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