Week 147: Tiramisu cake

Sometimes people get the weirdest craving. And this weekend, my craving was for a chiffon cake. In fact, it started when I got to work Friday morning. And guess what, I happened to chance upon a very concise tutorial on Pinterest for coffee chiffon. Sometimes it’s like the universe has a message for you!

To my absolute delight, the chiffon layers turned out to be perfect. This is a cause for celebration indeed!

After pondering, I decide to make this a “tiramisu” cake. Luxurious whipped mascarpone frosting flavoured with Kahlua and rum were sandwiched between the coffee chiffon layers, and then the entire cake was covered in coffee flavoured whipped cream frosting. Since I had a busy weekend, I went for a simple finish on the cake, with classic 1M borders and silver dragees, just to make it a little bit special.

Makes a 6″ round cake

For the coffee chiffon

125g cake flour

1½ tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

150 sugar

1 tbsp espresso coffee

90g hot water

½ tsp coffee extract

60g vegetable oil

4 egg yolks

4 egg whites

½ tsp cream of tartar

1) Prepare 2 6-inch round baking tin by lining the bottom with parchment. Do not grease sides.

2) Preheat conventional oven to 175C.

3) Sift cake flour and baking powder into a bowl. Add salt and 100g of sugar.

4) Dissolve espresso powder in hot water. Then add coffee extract.

5) Make a well in the flour mixture, then pour in the coffee and oil, whisk to combine.

6) Add the egg yolks and continue whisking until mixture is completely smooth.

7) Using the whisk attachment, beat the egg whites until frothy. Sprinkle the cream of tartar. Then while whisking on medium, slowly add the remaining sugar. Whisk meringue until just passed soft peaks.

8) Fold the meringue into the egg yolk mixture in 3 additions, being careful not to knock out too much air.

9) Divide batter evenly between the cake tins then bake in preheated oven for 30 mins. Test using a cake tester to ensure cake is just fully cooked. If not, continue baking in additions of 5 mins, until fully cooked.

10) Cool for 5 mins and unmold. Allow to cool to room temperature on cooling rack.

For the whipped coffee mascarpone cream

13g icing sugar

150g heavy cream, very cold

375g mascarpone, at room temperature

1 tbsp dark rum

1 tbsp kahlua

1) Sift icing into the bowl of a stand mixer. Pour in heavy cream.

2) Using the whisk attachment, whip heavy cream until stiff peaks. Then scrap into a bowl and refrigerate.

3) Pour mascarpone into the bowl of the stand mixer. Using the paddle attachment, mix on medium for 10 sec.

4) Slowly add the rum and Kahlua, mixing 5 to 10 secs after each addition until liquid is just incorporated into mascarpone.

5) Gently fold the whipped cream into mascarpone and use immediately.

For the coffee whipped cream frosting

240g + 20g heavy cream

1/4 tsp instant coffee granules

1/4 tsp coffee extract

35g icing sugar

½ tsp gelatine powder bloomed in ½ tbsp water

1) First, melt the bloomed gelatine in a bain-marie, making sure there are no visible gelatine granules in the mixture. Remove gelatine from heat and leave to cool.

2) Whisk the 240g cold heavy cream and icing sugar until soft peaks.

3) Add the coffee granules, coffee extract and 20g cream into the gelatine mixture and stir to combine. Lower the speed of the mixer and pour in the gelatine mixture.

4) Continue whisking until just before stiff peaks. Take care not to over whip.

5) Scrap whipped cream into a bowl and cover with cling wrap, keeping it refrigerated overnight.

To assembly

1) Cut each of the chiffon layers horizontally so you have 4 cake layers.

2) Place the first cake layer on a cake board and spread 1/3 of the whipped coffee mascarpone cream evenly on top of the cake layer. Repeat for the second and third layers.

3) Place the final cake layer and spread a thin crumb coat using the whipped cream frosting. Freeze for 15 minutes.

4) Put aside about a cup (depending on the kind of borders you’d like to pipe around the cake) of the whipped cream frosting then use the remaining frosting to cover the entire cake.

5) Decorate the cake with the remaining frosting and some silver dragees as desired.

This cake turned out to be really light and delicious! The coffee creams perfectly compliment the chiffon layers. I think I have just found another go-to cake recipe.


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