Our favourite things during our childhood tend to carry a special weight all through our adult life. And I think that's exactly what my grandmother's "cheese straws" meant to me. That is one of my favourite and most memorable cookies during the Lunar New Year (yes, even more than the pineapple tarts!), and it's always... Continue Reading →


It's been many weeks since my last sourdough loaf, and poor #pangzhi has been cold-storaged, literally. Maybe that's why he's not happy and I ended up with one of the most dense and least airy loaf ever. 😔 Oh well, at least I got a chance to practice my scoring (I thought the scoring on... Continue Reading →

Sometimes people get the weirdest craving. And this weekend, my craving was for a chiffon cake. In fact, it started when I got to work Friday morning. And guess what, I happened to chance upon a very concise tutorial on Pinterest for coffee chiffon. Sometimes it's like the universe has a message for you! To... Continue Reading →

Recently I was interviewed and featured on an article by Business Times. While I am happy to see how far I have come where baking is concerned, I am particularly pleased at the comments I got from the journalist on my photography. And I have a few good friends to thank for that. One of... Continue Reading →

The best way to know if your cookies are going to taste awesome? Nib a bit of the cookie dough and if you feel like you want to eat another big chunk of it before it even made it into the oven, you know you're on the right track! I have been wanting to visit The... Continue Reading →

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