Week 143: Petite rêves de noisettes praline

I have some praline mousse and hazelnut joconde from a few weeks back, and since I was craving some mousse cakes, I decided to make them into mini versions of these petit gateau.

As I was lazy, I skipped the coffee in the namelaka, leaving it as plain chocolate namelaka. I also left out the frangelico syrup for the joconde. And since I ran out of plain pâté friable, it is replaced with the chocolate version.

Makes 6 x Silikomart Stone petit gâteau

For the milk chocolate namelaka

1/2 gelatine leaf

3g cold water

50g milk chocolate couverture

25g whole milk

2g liquid glucose

50g cold heavy cream

1) Cut the gelatine leaves into small pieces and allow to bloom in the cold water.

2) Melt the chocolate in a large bowl over a bain-marie.

3) Put the milk and glucose into heavy-bottomed saucepan and heat to 90C.

4) Remove the milk mixture from the heat and stir in the gelatine and the soaking liquid until melted.

5) Pour half the milk mixture into the melted chocolate and stir until well mixed. Then add the rest of the liquid and stir well.

6) Add the cold cream, and using a hand blender to process until smooth.

7) Divide mixture equally between 6 cavities in a Silikomart tarlette silicon mold. Set aside in freezer overnight.

For the hazelnut feuilletine

15g milk choc

13g hazelnut paste

7g hazelnuts

12g gavottes

1) Melt the chocolate and hazelnut paste in a Bain-Marie.

2) Gently stir the chopped hazelnuts and feuilletine into melted chocolate mixture. Use immediately.

For the marbled coffee glaze

270g white chocolate mirror glaze

1/2 tsp coffee extract

1 tsp granule coffee + 1 tsp water

1 tbsp dark chocolate mirror glaze

1) Heat white chocolate glaze to slightly higher than pouring temperature (~40C).

2) Stir in coffee extract and coffee mixture into white chocolate glaze until incorporated.

3) Pour in dark chocolate glaze and stir lightly to marble. Use immediately.

To assemble

6 x 5cm rounds of hazelnut joconde

6 x 45g of praline mousse (approximately 1/3 of the original portion)

6 x 7.5cm round chocolate pâté friable

1) Divide hazelnut feuilletine equally into 6 portions and spread it on each of the joconde rounds. Allow to chill in the refrigerator.

2) Fill each cavity of the stone mold with 30g of praline mousse, spreading it lightly so it covers the sides of the entire cavity.

3) Place a frozen milk chocolate namelaka round into each cavity.

4) Spoon another 15g of praline mousse into each cavity, covering the namelaka layer.

5) Place the joconde layer, feuilletine side down into each cavity, pressing down so the joconde is level with the edge of each cavity. Allow to set overnight in the freezer.

6) Remove frozen mousse from the freezer and carefully unmold. Glaze the petit gâteau and place on each páté round.

Some short cuts, but thankfully, it is still a satisfying combo. After all, taste buds can be nostalgic too, and the memories of this entremet has been pretty sweet. Plus, I love the marbling effect of the mirror glaze on these.


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