Week 139: Rye sourdough loaf

It has been a couple of weeks since I last baked this, but as I promised myself to either bake this until I get the crumbs I was looking for, or until I run out of rye flour (in case of which I shall substitute rye flour with wheat germ where there is a gigantic bag sitting in my pantry!).

I met my artisan baker guru recently and she gave me 2 important tips:

  1. It is okay to knead the dough by machine, but make sure to keep it below 31C
  2. Be very gentle during the stretch and fold process

With those advices in mind, I set off on my most recent loaf. And I have to say, this is my best loaf to date. Sure, it needs more improvements, but at least for the rest of the week, I’ll be enjoying slices of this chewy, flavoursome loaf with a nice, crunchy crust.

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