I was having a particularly bad baking weekend as the Poire D'Eve entremet I had been eyeing for the longest time turned out to be kinda "bleh". (Although later, I warmed to the taste and liked it quite a bit.) In order to redeem the weekend, I decided to bake an early birthday cake as a... Continue Reading →


It has been a couple of weeks since I last baked this, but as I promised myself to either bake this until I get the crumbs I was looking for, or until I run out of rye flour (in case of which I shall substitute rye flour with wheat germ where there is a gigantic... Continue Reading →

When I first saw this recipe, I was really intrigued by the flavours - caramel mousse, chocolate hazelnut and spiced pears. Spiced pears - how exciting is that! I didn't think the neighbourhood grocer would be too pleased if I asked to buy 2 cinnamon sticks, 4 star anise, 4 cloves and 1 nutmeg, so... Continue Reading →

It was Epicurean Market time, which means lots of cheese, wine and good food. In the spirit of sharing our "loot", my friends and I had a "cheese and wine" evening. And that is always a great reason to bake my favourite savoury loaf. This time, the loaf was filled with pancetta and Gruyere picked... Continue Reading →

My colleagues and I were invited to an ex-colleague's place for lunch. And I think that's a perfect excuse to bake something for dessert. Ever since I heard "coffee mascarpone frosting", that's all I could think of. So I thought I should give that a try. To make life just a bit tougher (and because... Continue Reading →

The ladies of the baking community in my neighbourhood is looking for someone to conduct a session on baking assorted bread rolls. And in the spirit of volunteering, I decided to bake up some of my favourite garlic rolls to see if "they" qualify. These rolls are baked using the $5K starter dough from a... Continue Reading →

It is never easy deciding which macaron flavours to go for, but I thought my 2 favourite tea flavours deserve to go together - Earl Grey and matcha. This milk chocolate Earl Grey tea macaron holds a special place in my heart as it is the first Pierre HermĂ© recipe I have ever tried and... Continue Reading →

The last time I made this I thought the pistachio and raspberry flavours didn't really come through. I told myself for the next attempt I will definitely amp up both these flavours, as it seems like a really promising combination. So, for this attempt, I decided to do away with the joconde layers, and added... Continue Reading →

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