Week 135: Un hommage Français

No one knows pastries like the French. And while we may have our differences in many aspects (I do have plenty of work interactions with them!), I have always look up to their art of pâtissierie.

I originally intended to make these petit gâteau as a French tribute on fête nationale. Sadly, the tragic event in Nice called for a different tribute. We condemn the carnage on innocent lives. And may the world come together to irradicate the pests that brought on such terror.

In my interactions with the French, one attribute has always stood out. As much as they like to complain about everything (French or otherwise, they don’t discriminate), they are always proud of their nation and their culture. Maybe due to that, they have gotten their fair share of bashing for merely being French. I may not always feel this way, but for now, I stand with them, in their grief and sorrow, and say a little prayer for this nightmare to pass.

These petit gâteau were made using the leftover components from last week’s entremet. It is shaped using a silicon dome mold with a 7cm base and a 7cm cake ring. First, about 15g of passion fruit cremeux is spooned into each dome cavity and frozen until set. Next, fill the rest of the cavity with the hazelnut praline Bavarian cream and freeze. Finally, remove frozen domes and place it at the base of a cake ring and fill the ring with chocolate mousse. Glaze and place on a piece of baked pâté friable.


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