Week 135: Chocolate rum cheesecake

This is one of my very early bake (week 9!), which I remember very fondly. When I tasted this cheesecake for the very first time, I thought, “Wow, I can’t believe I could bake something so delicious!”

So this weekend, as I was craving cheesecake, and was wondering which cheesecake recipe to bake, this recipe came to mind. I was torn between something with peanut butter, but ultimately gave in to the lethal chocolate + rum combination.

Makes 1 6″ round cake


133g chocolate biscuits (I used Oreo cookies without the filling)

7g + 60g fine granulated sugar

A pinch of salt

28g butter, melted

85g dark chocolate couverture
30g dark rum

227g cream cheese

57g sour cream

1/2 tbsp vanilla extract

2 large eggs

180g heavy cream, whipped

40g dark chocolate couverture, melted


1) For the crust, preheat convection oven to 175C. 

2) In the bowl of a food processor, add the chocolate biscuits, 7g sugar and salt. Process using the metal blade until fine. Add melted butter and process until the texture of wet sand. 

3) Press cookie crumbs into the bottom and sides of a greased and lined 6-inch cake pan with removable bottom. Bake for 10 minutes then set aside to let cool.

4) Turn down temperature to 160C.

5) Melt the chocolate together with rum on a Bain-Marie. Set aside.

6) Beat cream cheese on a stand mixer using the paddle attachment until smooth. Gradually add the remaining sugar, followed by sour cream and vanilla extract.

7) Beat in the eggs, one at a time until fully incorporated.

8) Boil a pot of water, then allow to simmer as you remove the bowl from the stand mixer and place it above the simmering pot. Whisk the cream cheese mixture until it is completely smooth.

9) Remove approximately 150g of the cream cheese mixture.

10) Add the melted chocolate into the remaining cream cheese mixture and whisk on the Bain-Marie until completely smooth.

11) Pour the chocolate cream cheese mixture into the baked crust, followed by the plain mixture and make swirls using the tip of a knife.

12) Bake until the edge of the cake is set but center is still jiggling, about 40 minutes.

13) Allow to cool to room temperature then refrigerate overnight to fully set.

14) Just before serving, pipe rosettes of whipped cream around the edge of the cake and drizzle melted chocolate generously.

I made some slight modification to the original recipe and added some garnishing. Am rather pleased with the outcome. After all, it’s been more than 100 weeks since I first made this – one should expect some improvement, right?


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