Week 131: Le dôme pour Vincent

The problem with creating your own entremet is having to name them, and I am really bad at giving names. So I guess I shall just name my bakes in honour of the people I am baking them for.

This weekend’s bake is a double occasion – I have a good friend from France and some relatives from Australia visiting and I promised to bake them something. So I made these chocolate domes, with a little surprise fruity inserts.

I was looking for a chocolate mousse recipe with mascarpone, as I have some I need to use up. I looked through loads and loads of recipes online and finally settled on this. I wanted something to cut through the chocolate and since I have some mixed berry jam and lemon cremeux my freezer, I decided to use them.

Makes 6 domes

For the chocolate mascarpone mousse

100g dark chocolate couverture

75g fine granulated sugar

2 large eggs

250 g mascarpone

1) Melt chocolate couverture over a bain-marie and set aside to cool slightly.

2) Add sugar and eggs, then whisk using a hand mixer until the outside of the bowl has cooled completely.

3) Whisk in the mascarpone for a few seconds, just until combined.

For the mixed berry and lemon mini domes

1) Pour 4 grams of the mixed berry jam into each mini dome mold cavity. Freeze them until slightly set.

2) Top it up with the lemon cremeux to fill the entire mini dome cavity. And allow it to freeze overnight.

To assemble

6 mini mixed berry and lemon domes

6 pâte friable chocolate grue 8cm disc

A portion of chocolate mirror glaze

Some red glaze, for garnish

1) Fill half a large dome mold cavity with chocolate mascarpone mousse.

2) Take a mini berry dome and push it lightly into the chocolate mousse.

3) Fill up the rest of the dome and level it with a spatula. Allow to freeze overnight.

4) Fill a pastry bag with the red glaze and cut a small hole.

5) Glaze each dome with the chocolate mirror glaze. Then drizzle 2 curved lines of red glaze over each globe.

6) Place each glazed dome onto a pâte friable chocolate disc.

These domes turned out to be delicious. I was surprised how well the mixed berry and lemon cremeux goes together with the chocolate mascarpone mousse. There is something about mascarpone which makes the mousse really smooth and rich. I would love to make this again, maybe with some home-made mascarpone next time.

As for the name, Vincent is very appropriate as both my “ami Français” and my Aussie uncle are both Vincent.


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