Week 129: Plain sourdough loaf

Prior to having my own sourdough starter, I always thought keeping one is a tedious task, having to keep it fed on a strict schedule and all. “Pangzhi” is one of the most low-maintenance living thing ever!

I have forgotten to feed him for 2 weeks, then another week as I was out of town, plus another 3 days, as I figured, if he can survive without feeding for 3 weeks, what’s another 3 days? Thankfully, “pangzhi” did not disappoint. After 2 subsequent feedings, here’s my fat and round sourdough loaf.

Makes one large loaf


120g starter (fed twice over 2 days, starting with 30g)

360g bread flour

40g wholemeal flour

20g olive oil

240g water

10g salt

Baking directions here.

This loaf was ready just in time for a cheese and wine evening with some friends. And a new discovery was made – sourdough goes quite well with Comte. Way too much of it was consumed during this particular photo session.


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