Some people come into your life and leave an impression so deep that no amount of cake can ever repay the debt you feel you owe them. When I started baking, I wanted a KitchenAid mixer so very badly. Long story short, after many exchanges with SNCF and thanks to Vincent, I received a sum... Continue Reading →


A good friend was in town for work and she offered to stay over for a day to give me some photography tips (and a lens!). We knew each other since we were born and it was great to catch up. And for our photography lessons, I decided to bake up these chocolate praline tartlets.... Continue Reading →

The problem with creating your own entremet is having to name them, and I am really bad at giving names. So I guess I shall just name my bakes in honour of the people I am baking them for. This weekend's bake is a double occasion - I have a good friend from France and... Continue Reading →

Week 131: Macaron à la Fleur de Sel

Salted caramel is my favourite flavour, after chocolate and I have been on the lookout for a good salted caramel macaron recipe for the longest time. I have flipped past Pierre Hermé's version so many times but never considered trying it because I was not really a fan of the salted caramel macarons from the... Continue Reading →

Week 131: Macaron Imagine

My book shelves are full, but after I skimmed through Pierre Hermé's new Macaron book, I knew I just have to buy it. (It's now sitting on my ironing board.) The one recipe that really stood out is this. I have always loved the matcha and black sesame combination. And to see Pierre Hermé's version... Continue Reading →

Cookies are not really my thing. I mean, I appreciate a good cookie as much as the next person. But when it comes to baking, it's just not high on my to-do list. That is, until I came across this recipe in Dominique Ansel's book, The Secret Recipes, "Time is not simply a measurement of... Continue Reading →

This bread recipe has an interesting name, but I am not so certain of how the name came about other than that the inventor spent $5K to get the recipe.It involves using half the dough as a starter, presumably to develop the nice and fluffy crumbs. Since I am still on the lookout for a... Continue Reading →

Prior to having my own sourdough starter, I always thought keeping one is a tedious task, having to keep it fed on a strict schedule and all. "Pangzhi" is one of the most low-maintenance living thing ever! I have forgotten to feed him for 2 weeks, then another week as I was out of town, plus... Continue Reading →

Few things exhilarate a baker like watching your baked goods transform from the raw batter to its cooked form in the oven - like oven spring for a loaf of bread, macaron "feet" formation, choux puffing, the list goes on. One of my favourite is the rise of that madeleine "hump", which I always wait... Continue Reading →

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