Week 127: Black forest petit gâteau

Practice makes perfect. And I am a long way from perfection when it comes to glazing. So in the spirit of practising, I decided to make a batch of these Black Forest petit gateau and glaze them. Glazing uneven shapes is quite a challenge indeed! I accidentally dropped two of them onto the glazing tray. Fortunately I was able to “save” them. Stressed!

For these little cakes, I used the components from my favourite Black Forest cake.

Makes 8 petit gâteau

For the pâte friable chocolate grue

208g unsalted butter, cold

75g icing sugar

3g fleur de sel

1/2 tsp pure chocolate extract

175g plain flour

16g unsweetened cocoa powder

13g unsweetened chocolate couverture, melted

33g cocoa nibs

1) Beat the cold butter in a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment until the butter has softened. Do not cream.

2) Add icing sugar, fleur de sel and chocolate extract and mix until just incorporated.

3) Stir in the remaining ingredients.

4) Pat mixture into a round disc and wrap in cling film. Refrigerate until chilled.

5) Preheat convection oven to 160C.

6) Roll out the dough on a silicon mat to the thickness of 6mm.

7) Cut out 8 rounds using cake rings just slightly better than the base of the mold for your mousse. This recipe makes more than enough.

8) Remove the remaining dough and bake the cut rounds in preheated oven using the cake rings for 15 minutes.

9) Remove the cake rings and bake for a further 5 to 10 minutes until dried.

10) Remove baked pâte friable from the oven and allow to cool. Pâte friable is very fragile when hot and should be handled with care even after cooled to room temperature.

To assemble

Half a portion of the sour cherries

Half portion of the chocolate biscuit, baked in a quarter sheet pan

Half portion of the light vanilla custard

1 portion of the dark chocolate cream

Half portion of red coloured glaze

Pearl lustre mixed with a littl vodka

1) Fill 1/3 of the amorini mold with the dark chocolate cream.

2) But out a heart shaped chocolate biscuit slice to fit the mold and press it onto the chocolate cream.

3) Fill a thin layer of light vanilla custard over the chocolate biscuit.

4) Arrange a layer of sour cherries the cover and fill the mold with the vanilla custard.

5) Allow to freeze overnight.

6) Remove mousse cakes from the molds, cover with glaze, splatter with pearl lustre.

7) Place glazed cakes onto the prepared pâte friable.

I didn’t think pâte friable can get any better but I was wrong – chocolate does make everything better! I think I may actually prefer these over the full-sized cake as the pâte friable adds a nic dimension to the overall texture. I also find that on a smaller cake, the macerated cherries really come through. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and cherries and a generous splash of Kirsch.


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