"Kueh sarlat" or "kueh seri muka" is one of the popular traditional snack in Malaysia and Singapore. And while it is fairly cheap and easy to buy these, it is not easy to find really good ones. And nothing beats homemade, with freshly squeezed coconut milk no less! The green custard layer is made with... Continue Reading →


Week 127: Black forest petit gâteau

Practice makes perfect. And I am a long way from perfection when it comes to glazing. So in the spirit of practising, I decided to make a batch of these Black Forest petit gateau and glaze them. Glazing uneven shapes is quite a challenge indeed! I accidentally dropped two of them onto the glazing tray.... Continue Reading →

I made plans a while ago to return to my parents' place so I get to spend Mother's Day with my mum this year. Unfortunately, something came up at work and my trip was delayed. I was so disappointed about the delay I felt like taking a weekend off baking. But a friend convinced me... Continue Reading →

As much as I enjoy my sourdough loaves, my Asian palette always appreciates a nice, soft milk toast every now and then. So when I came across this recipe, I knew I just had to give it a try. I have always wondered why dough has to be proofed twice, so it is interesting to see... Continue Reading →

Inspirations can come at the most unexpected moments. And the inspiration for these tarts came from a video a friend sent me earlier this week of a pastry chef lining a bunch of tart rings. I saw the video at least 5 times in a row and felt the strangest urge to line tart rings!... Continue Reading →

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