Week 124: Mixed berry and cream cheese petit gâteau

Glazing is fun! That is, when you manage to get the glaze to be at the right consistency. The components of these petit gâteau is exactly the same as the berry roses from 2 weeks back. In fact, the leftover mousse, cremeux and feuilletine was just nice to fill 6 domes. I only had enough pate friable for 3 of the domes and used the pistachio sablé for the other 3. I made a huge batch of glaze last week, but it was so thick that I almost couldn’t pour it without heating it up. At 35C, a layer of skin has already formed on the surface of the glaze. I figure it will be a pity to bin the remaining glaze. So I decided to do some experiment to thin it out.

A friend advised to thin it out using sugar syrup, but remembering the amount of sugar ALREADY in the glaze, I couldn’t bring myself to add more! So I used a combination of heavy cream and milk instead. I added 100g of heavy cream and whole milk mixture to 400g of glaze. I felt like a mad scientist in the kitchen, calculating the amount of liquid to glaze ratio and measuring the temperature. So, to rework the glaze recipe, which I should be using to make my next batch of glaze (unless another recipe comes along):

For the glaze

23g gelatine sheets

125g water

225g granulated sugar

225g glucose syrup

225g white chocolate couverture

160g condensed milk

90g neutral glaze

200g heavy cream

70g whole milk

Red color paste

1) Bloom gelatine in cold water, squeeze out excess water and set aside.

2) Bring the water, sugar and glucose to boil at 103C. Stir in the gelatine until melted.

3) Place the chocolate in a large bowl and pour the hot liquid onto the chocolate. Emulsify with a hand blender.
4) Stir in condensed milk and neutral glaze.

5) Heat heavy cream and milk until warm. Stir into glaze until incorporated.

6) Add color paste to the desired shade and mix with a hand blender.

I added more red colour paste to make these bright red. Also, reserved some white glaze (from the original batch) to use as the highlights. Thankfully it seems to turn out okay, I think. You be the judge. 😊


12 thoughts on “Week 124: Mixed berry and cream cheese petit gâteau

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  1. Your pastries look amazing, just as they would in a French pastry shop!! In fact I recently saw a picture on FB with pastries just like yours in a patisserie window – well done!! And I bet they tasted delicious too!! 😀

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    1. Hi, I’m afraid I am not too sure what’s the bloom of the gelatine leaves I am using. :/ But I don’t see why you can’t replace it with powdered. But bear in mind that you’ll probably need more water to bloom powdered gelatine (with leaves you can squeeze out the extra liquid) so do compensate accordingly.


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