Week 122: Devil’s food “blossom” cake

The problem with baking is, you tend to feel obligated to bake your good friend’s birthday cake, even when you are really not. My work lunch buddy is a quiet, petite lady and I figure a sweet floral design should suit her. This is the first time I piped blossoms. The first few were a little awkward but after a few, it was actually quite therapeutic! I ended up piping a lot more blossoms than I needed. For this 6-inch cake, I used about 15 to 20 blossoms, piped on Wilton tips 104 and 124.

As I figured I will be stressed out with the decoration, I thought I’d best go with the cake recipes I am most familiar with, my favourite devil’s food cake. I also froze the chocolate mascarpone from last week in a 6-inch tin, and used it as the middle layer between the cake layers. For the decoration, I made a whooping 800g of plain Swiss meringue buttercream. This is more than enough to decorate the entire cake, and that includes all the leftover frozen blossoms in my freezer. For the white chocolate drip, I melted 40g white chocolate with 80g heavy cream. This was then tinted with white gel paste, as the original color is unappetisingly yellow. I should have waited a bit longer for the ganache to thicken a bit more as it turned out to be more runny than I would have liked. On the bright side, I did get a very smooth top.

Overall, I am fairly pleased with my first blossom cake. The 124 tip is a little big for a 6-inch cake. I think I am going to get a 101 tip for future undertakings. I forgot to add vanilla extract in the buttercream so it was a little plain. But since most of my colleagues don’t eat the buttercream anyway, I didn’t think it mattered. I used the buttercream immediately after whipping it up and the texture was really smooth. I really enjoyed piping those blossoms! Hmm, whose birthday is up next?


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