Once I get an idea in my head, I'd always have a hard time getting it out. And these past weeks, the idea has been pistachios, pistachios and MORE PISTACHIOS! The pistachio and strawberry tarts last week did not turn out as good as I was hoping. After a few taste testing, I thought it was... Continue Reading →


Quiches are delicious. It's a melange of cream, cheese and butter. Loads of butter. Which is also why it is not something you can eat regularly. So I always delight in opportunities to bake up a quiche for dinner parties. I was torn between a broccoli and cheddar quiche or a spinach and Gruyere and... Continue Reading →

Sunday is my "hermit" day. And I usually like to spend it vegetating at home. But a good friend just got out from surgery recently and what are friends for if they can't sacrifice one Sunday to visit their friend. I knew Fui from way back during our university days in the UK. The circumstance... Continue Reading →

It has been ages since I last met friends I got to know through social. Over the weekend, I got together with a few of them and we visited a new éclair café in town. And while I consider my taste buds significantly spoiled after tasting Christophe Adam's salted caramel e'clair, I have to say,... Continue Reading →

Sometimes you see a picture of a dessert, and you just can't shake off the idea. And that was exactly what happened to me since I saw the picture of a batch of matcha brownies from a fellow IG baker. The strange thing is, I was never a big fan of matcha. I drink a... Continue Reading →

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