Week 116: Watercolour rainbow cake

 So, I have this friend who hates chocolate! I know, right. How would I possibly befriend someone who hates chocolate?!? But we’ve known each other for ages and, chocolate aside, she’s been a good friend to me.

We were planning a Lunar New Year gathering and as we discussed dessert, I told this friend that I’d consider making a rainbow cake if there’s enough kids at the party. She got so excited she started begging me to make it either way! I guess it is one of the very few cakes I make that do not have any chocolate components.

So, over the Lunar New Year long weekend, I painstakingly baked this cake, and since I was baking for my friend who does not like chocolate, I kept this almost entirely chocolate free. It is layered and covered entirely in lemon flavoured Swiss meringue cream cheese frosting. To cover the whole cake, I used 360g of Swiss meringue buttercream with 180g of cream cheese and 135g of lemon curd. 

However, for the topping, I had to use some chocolate. I resolved to a white chocolate ganache using 85g of white chocolate with 85g of heavy cream. I added 1g of gelatine powder bloomed in 1 tablespoon water. I think I could have step up the gelatine a little as it didn’t set very well. Maybe I’ll try half to 3 quarters of a teaspoon of gelatine powder next time. I coloured the ganache rather generously using color gels and was quite pleased that they turned out very vibrant!

The finished cake was finally served at the gathering this weekend. I am pleased to report that my friend had a huge slice and loved it. And so did all the little kiddies at the party.


2 thoughts on “Week 116: Watercolour rainbow cake

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  1. What a showstopper! All the colours are incredible–it’s hard to believe that it’s actually ganache 🙂 🙂 The cake not only looks beautiful, but it sounds delicious–glad your chocolate-hating friend like it!


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