I was chatting with a friend the other day and he suggested caramelising onions with a little bit of balsamic vinegar. And that sounded so good I just had to remake this bread loaf. And he was absolutely right! Caramelised onions benefitted greatly from the addition of balsamic vinegar. For this second loaf, I made... Continue Reading →


This is a good weekend! Because I have finally found the flourless chocolate cake recipe I have been looking for. The one I have been searching for ever since I fell in love with the version from a local bakery months back. Added to my misery, the local bakery have stopped selling this cake at... Continue Reading →

One of my favourite food quote, "Les personnes qui vous offrent leur nourriture, vous offrent aussi leur cœur." by Cesar Chavez, which translates into, “The people who give you their food, give you their hearts”. And I think that is quite appropriate for this Valentine's weekend bake to share with some of the closest and... Continue Reading →

 So, I have this friend who hates chocolate! I know, right. How would I possibly befriend someone who hates chocolate?!? But we've known each other for ages and, chocolate aside, she's been a good friend to me. We were planning a Lunar New Year gathering and as we discussed dessert, I told this friend that... Continue Reading →

I was really torn between developing some new macaron flavours and making sure I manage to serve up some macarons for my guests this coming weekend. Considering my bad baking mojo these past few days, I decided to bet on the safer option. And so I present, once again, my 2 personal favourite flavours -... Continue Reading →

Due to my botched batch of macarons earlier this weekend, I used up my stash of egg whites and had to find an egg yolk intensive recipe to store up more egg whites for my subsequent macarons. And what better recipe to try than Peter Reinhart's challah which I have been eyeing for months, but... Continue Reading →

Ever since I started baking macaron shells using Pierre Herme's Italian meringue method, I have never had any failed bakes. Until this weekend. There were many, many mistakes. First of which was when I thought mixing the color gel into the egg whites for the meringue was a good idea! Okay, a little background story.... Continue Reading →

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