Week 111: Savoury brioche couronne

For the past 2 weeks when I got to spend my holidays back in my parents’ house, breakfast was always a much anticipated affair. Every morning, when I came downstairs, I will be greeted by a table full of different types of bread, “kueh” (Asian snacks), noodles and even cookies. My parents really made a point to emphasise breakfast as the most important meal of the day. (No, there’s no such spread for lunch and dinner – it’s a strictly breakfast tradition.)

This savoury brioche couronne often made its way into the breakfast spread. And it’s a particularly lovely treat, because it is one of the first bread recipe my dad got off my blog! He first saw me baking it during one of his visits and have since practiced it many times. And the one we had for breakfast was just delicious!

And since I am feeling a little homesick for breakfast at my mum and dad’s, I decided to bake a loaf of this for my breakfast. I used pretty much the same fillings, but sprinkled the grated cheddar and some chives directly onto the roasted garlic spread before covering it with shaved ham. I figure it helps to keep the grated cheese inside the rolled dough while proofing.

It was delicious! Definitely gave me something to look forward to every morning.


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