Every year as the Lunar New Year approaches, new cookies vie for the spot of the "cookie of the year" position. Past winners were concoctions such as the green pea cookie, the fried crabstick (technically not a cookie) and fried arrowroot chips (again, not a cookie). This year, it looks like the award goes to... Continue Reading →


I have known Maria (not her real name) for a rather long time. She is one of the first few people who "kick-started" my baking hobby. In fact, she started baking a few months before me, when her parents got her a fancy oven for her birthday. Unlike me though, she is less obsessed about... Continue Reading →

Pineapple tarts are the staple of Lunar New Year in Singapore. Every year, foodie blogs and magazines would publish the top 5 most popular pineapple tarts in town. Some bakeries are so high in demand they stop accepting orders more than a month before the festivity. And everyone has a "secret" family recipe. I was... Continue Reading →

This batch of Pierre Hermé's chocolate sablé cookie dough had sat in my freezer for a very, very long time. The best thing about cookie dough is that they keep really well. After all this time, these cookies still taste as good as I remember them to be. This cookie dough, in true French style,... Continue Reading →

After a week of plain sourdough for breakfast I figure it is time to add some flavouring to my next loaf. While chatting with a friend the other day, I got the inspiration to add my favourite savoury condiment - "chilli padi"! For those who have never tried that, it is a mini chilli pepper... Continue Reading →

For one reason or another, I have managed to accumulate 2 large stacks of frozen egg whites in my freezer. Yes, they freeze well. What I normally do is I will line a small bowl with a layer of cling wrap, pour in the egg whites, allow it to freeze, then remove the bowl and... Continue Reading →

My very first fully natural starter loaf! Absolutely no instant yeast is used in the making of this wholemeal sourdough loaf. There is this strange sense of indescribable wonderment when I saw the dough rising. I miscalculated the hydration percentage and it ended up a bit more hydrated then I originally intend, which explains the... Continue Reading →

For the past 2 weeks when I got to spend my holidays back in my parents' house, breakfast was always a much anticipated affair. Every morning, when I came downstairs, I will be greeted by a table full of different types of bread, "kueh" (Asian snacks), noodles and even cookies. My parents really made a... Continue Reading →

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