Week 104: Pistachios and raspberries macarons

 As the end of year approaches, friends and colleagues are organising many get-togethers. And for one particular activity, the nice host asked if I would be so kind as to bake some macarons. When asked what his favourite flavour is, he thought for a while and said, “pistachio”, and for his kids, “raspberry”. Sounds like a winning combination!

I decided to a “test run” before the actual event, so I fall back on my tried and trusted pistachio and raspberry macaron fillings, with some slight variations. I still used Swiss meringue buttercream as the base for both, but, played around with the quantity and flavouring for a bit.

Makes enough to fill 25 macarons generously each

For the pistachio filling

140g Swiss meringue buttercream

45g whole pistachios

scant 1/4 tsp Fleur de sel

1 tsp pistachio paste

1) Lightly toast the pistachio in a shallow pan until the nuts are fragrant. Be careful not to burn them. Leave to cool, then add fleur de sel and grind them up using a nut grinder.

2) Fold ground pistachio and pistachio paste into buttercream and fill it into a pastry bag.

For the raspberry filling

120g Swiss meringue buttercream

60g cream cheese, at room temperature

30g to 45g raspberry jam

1) Whisk the buttercream, then, add the cream cheese and whisk until mixture is light and fluffy.

2) Add the raspberry jam to the buttercream mixture and taste as you add. Different raspberry jam will have different sweetness and tartness, so it is important to taste as you incorporate it into the buttercream.

I was a little worried as I have not been baking macarons for a while. But, I am glad to report that I am still “certified”.


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