It is one of my best friend's birthday next week, and I am scrambling to bake a nice cake for her. For some reasons, all these breaks I have been having from baking made me a little "rusty". Since we were doing a "cheese & wine" night on Sunday, I thought it would be a... Continue Reading →


 Some friends were over for dinner this weekend to savour the generous cheese spread I lugged back from my recent work trip to Malta. Since it has been a while since I last baked a tart, I thought it'd be nice for my dinner guests. I was torn between doing a classic quiche Lorraine or... Continue Reading →

Crêpe cakes are all the rage ever since the first Lady M boutique opened its doors on this little island. Personally, I am not a big fan of crêpes, cakes or Suzette, or any other forms. I would eat them, but, they are just not the first item I'd pick off the menu. But then,... Continue Reading →

I finally had the opportunity to sink my teeth into the famed salted caramel eclairs from L'eclair de Genie in Tokyo last week. And all I can say is, Christophe Adam is a pastry genius. It was delicious. And all I could think of after that was, I need to make me some salted caramel... Continue Reading →

These buns hold a special place in my heart, as they apparently spurred my father to start baking his own bread. That has got to mean something, eh? I followed the dough recipe exactly but decided to scale down the amount of toppings, which turned out just enough to coat the dozen buns. Makes enough toppings for... Continue Reading →

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