Week 96: Devil’s food cake

 If there was ever any doubt, this is my very favourite cake recipe! It is so easy to make, tastes awesome, and no matter how you dress it up – it is going to look gorgeous. After all, how can you possibly go wrong with chocolate, right? Also, I have just gotten some fleur de sel Guérande and I just wanted the excuse to open the precious packet. I needed 1/4 tsp in this recipe, so that is a valid reason, right?

A special note on fleur de sel. A while ago, a friend managed to convince me how different the variety of salt can taste. That very night, I got home and taste-tested the Cornish sea salt I had in my fridge against the regular fine salt, which I normally use for salting my pasta water. And boy, I never noticed it before, but, they are a world apart. The regular fine salt tasted so harsh compared to the sea salt. But tonight, when I tasted the fleur de sel, sigh. The Cornish sea salt is to the fleur de sel how the regular fine salt was to the Cornish sea salt! When it comes to gourmet, one cannot help but to take your hats off to the French.

As I had a late night last night, and wanted to bring a slice of homemade cake for a friend for lunch today, I figure I should go with something I can make in the shortest time, and have it ready for a “photo shoot” session this morning. So I started at midnight. Managed to finish the cake and cover it in a ganache crumb coat by 2. Slept. Woke up. And gave it a generous ganache coating this morning. I was going for the rustic look and using the back of a spoon, while the ganache is still soft, tapped lightly on the cake. Freeze the cake for a while to set the ganache, then added a little edible gold paint to sass it up a little. Took pictures, taste-tested a generous slice, and it’s all good.

I halved the recipe here to make a 6-inch cake. And just an extra note on the directions, instead of sifting the dry ingredients into a bowl, I normally take a short cut by measuring the dry ingredients into one bowl, whisk them lightly, then, sift them directly into the wet batter. Saves me from washing an extra bowl. I’m lazy like that. It works fine either way, so, it is pretty much up to you. Another note, it really helps to use a cake strip for this. This cake tend to dome quite a bit in the fridge. So, if you are going to layer it like what I did here, the cake strips really help to give you nice and flat cake layers which you can layer without any slicing. Happy baking!


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