It's been a while since I got a bag of fresh garlic as I mostly used minced garlic for cooking. But few days ago, I saw them at the grocers, and they seemed to be calling out to me. So I've decided, this weekend is going to be roasted garlic weekend. And what better to... Continue Reading →


These little French cakes are an enigma. I couldn't quite decide whether they are light or heavy. On the one hand, no egg yolks are added, maybe it an egg-white-only bake. On the other hand, there's quite a generous amount of butter. And then the nuts - almond and hazelnut. The ingredients intrigued me so... Continue Reading →

 I am guilty of hoarding. And ever since I started baking, I am guilty of hoarding recipe books. And the name that appears time and time again on my book shelve is none other than the Picasso of Pastry, Pierre Hermé. It has been a while since I baked from recipe books. But for the... Continue Reading →

 This is the Epicurean Market weekend in Singapore, and I had the chance to eat lots and lots and lots of good food. Of all the delicious things I have eaten, one of the most memorable, and inspiring was Wolfgang Puck's ice cream sandwiches. It was so good that I had 3 of them! Okay,... Continue Reading →

 It has been a while since my last macaron bake. Honestly, sometimes I think that I can bake macarons in my sleep. I must have baked...hundreds! I feel the most tedious thing about macarons is the preparation. Grinding the almonds, cutting out the parchment (soon, I will move to silicon mat, soon), digging out my... Continue Reading →

 These interesting rolls first appeared on Instagram, on some French patissier's feed. A quick google yield some recipes, but they appear to all be from the same original recipe of one Philippe Contincini. I have not heard of him, but, I shall be on a lookout from now on. Finally I decided to follow this recipe as... Continue Reading →

 A good friend asked me to make a cake for his wife's birthday. His wife apparently likes a "cake with some crunch". Haha. I guess he is referring to an entremet, with a feuilletine layer, covered with mousse. "And she likes praline." It has been a while since I last made a chocolate entremet, and... Continue Reading →

 It has been a while since my last savoury bake and I have been wanting to make some bread rolls for a while. Unfortunately I did not have any garlic at home and I was too lazy to go out, so I decided to substitute it with onions instead. I made the bread dough using... Continue Reading →

 If there was ever any doubt, this is my very favourite cake recipe! It is so easy to make, tastes awesome, and no matter how you dress it up - it is going to look gorgeous. After all, how can you possibly go wrong with chocolate, right? Also, I have just gotten some fleur de... Continue Reading →

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