Week 90: Chocolate, peanut butter and jelly tarts

Zumba mania strikes again. And this time, it's sweet, not savoury. After I tasted Adriano Zumbo's Peter, Bob and John tart in Sydney earlier this year, I just couldn't stop dreaming about it. That first taste of the smooth chocolate namelaka, the slightly tangy raspberry gel, and the flaky and buttery pâte friable, what wouldn't I give... Continue Reading →


Ever since having my first taste of Zumbo pastry in Sydney earlier this year, all I wanted to do is to try my hands at one of his avant-garde recipes. And his latest book, The Zumbo Files, is full of them. I must have spent more than a week, going through this book every night before... Continue Reading →

I used to dislike brownies. I could probably attribute that to an ex-colleague of mine, who used to bring us these brownies, which were dry and cakey. And just totally spoil the idea of brownies for me. Until I tasted these super awesome brownies from a local bakery. It was so good, for a whole... Continue Reading →

Truth. I am getting a bit tired of baking cakes. Don't get me wrong. I still love to bake, and it is always nice to see the smile of the birthday boy / girl when they see the cake. But, it gets a little stressful having to come up with a beautiful cake, which you... Continue Reading →

For the last four of my tart shells, I decide to experiment with some coffee and chocolate flavours, as promised to friend at work. There are so many coffee tart recipes out there, but, I wanted something different. Plain chocolate tart flavoured with coffee is just, too plain. And plain coffee tarts are, well, too much... Continue Reading →

As delicious as the mango tarts turned out, I am ultimately a chocolate person. Give me a choice, I would always choose chocolate. So, it is quite unthinkable to not fill at least a few of these delicious tart shells with chocolaty fillings. I did my research and decided to try out the fillings from... Continue Reading →

Okay, so this time I decided to follow Dominique Ansel's vanilla sablé tart to the 'T'. Well, except for the salt. I thought my last batch was perfectly salted, as I do prefer my tart shells a little on the salty end. And I am perfectly happy with the result this time. I guess with... Continue Reading →

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