Week 83: “Under-the-sea” rainbow cake

I have been holding off working with fondant for the longest time. First, because I think it’s such a waste of food, as no one really likes eating the sugary fondant. And second, it’s so much work! I finally decided to give it a go as a good friend asked if I could help make a birthday cake for his daughter’s mermaid-themed birthday celebration.

My original idea was to make a mermaid out of fondant. But 5 hours in, and a lot of wasted fondant later, I realised my fondant-sculpting skill just isn’t there. So instead, it became an “under-the-sea” cake. The cake base was my go-to rainbow cake, with cream cheese frosting between the cake layers and crumb coat. I made a total of 450g cream cheese frosting, and that was just way too much frosting. For the covering, I used stabilised whipped cream frosting, tinted with light and heavy Royal Blue, and a combination of Royal Blue and Leaf Green colouring.

I learnt a very important lesson – NEVER refrigerate fondant! It was quite unfortunate as after a day, the fondant started “sweating” colours onto the cake, and even started to melt! I think it is going to take some time before I dare to try my hands at this again. We shall see.


2 thoughts on “Week 83: “Under-the-sea” rainbow cake

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  1. Your cake looks lovely! I like the shade of blue for the sea and all the fish and stuff. Really pretty! And I haven’t forgotten I’ll be making the rainbow cake one day! 🙂


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