Week 78: Mocha and salted caramel cake

It has been a long time since I last attempt to make a cake from start to end. I guess most of my recent bakes consists of multiple components and a lot of freezing and waiting is imminent. But this time, I was in a rush.Wanted to bring this cake to the office for an office birthday on Tuesday, so, I have to finish making it this weekend. So I stuck to my usual favourites. A full portion of the devil’s food cake and 2/3 portion of the salted caramel cake. These made up 4 cake layers.

The caramel cake layers were slathered generously with 4 teaspoons of salted caramel sauce for each cake layer. And then I spread half a portion of the coffee Swiss meringue butter cream between the cake layers. The same portion of buttercream is enough to cover the entire 8″ round cake with decent crumb coat, granted, I was not exactly generous with the buttercream spread between the cake layers. I then cover the entire cake again with a portion of coffee stabilised whipped cream, and topped it with pourable chocolate ganache.

For the coffee stabilised whipped cream frosting

240 cold whipping cream plus 1 tbsp at room temperature

30g icing sugar, sifted

1 tsp gelatine powder

2 tsp instant coffee granules

1) Bloom gelatine powder in 1 tbsp cold water.

2) Melt gelatine mixture in a water bath. Ensure gelatine granules are melted completely. Leave it in the water bath but turn off the heat.

3) Add icing sugar to cold whipping cream in a stand mixer and using the whisk attachment, whisk until cream has thickened.

4) Remove gelatine mixture from the water bath and add instant coffee granules. Stir to dissolve. Then add the 1 tbsp room temperature whipping cream and mix well.

5) Lower the speed of the mixer then add the gelatine mixture into the whipping cream and continue whisking until soft peaks form. Take care not to over-whip.

6) Scrap frosting into a bowl, covered tightly with cling firm and refrigerate overnight.

For the pouring chocolate ganache

33g unsalted butter at room temperature

55g dark chocolate couverture

77g whipping cream

1) Melt chocolate together with whipping cream on top of a bain-marie.

2) Once melted, take chocolate mixture off the heat, and add in the butter. Stir until melted completely.

3) Stir mixture until it has thicken slightly and use immediately.

I have to say, I am starting to like whipped cream frosting a lot. And it tasted just as good with coffee. Also glad to have finally found a chocolate ganache with a nice drizzle. It is important to pour the ganache at the right temperature, not too hot that it melts the frosting layer, and not too cold else it will not set smoothly. My only mistake was being too cautious and did not pour the ganache quickly enough, so that it was a little too thick towards the end. In that case, use a hair dryer to heat up the dull and uneven areas carefully before letting it set. I had some leftover Swiss meringue buttercream so I flavour it with some vanilla extract to pipe the decorations around the cake. Lovely.


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