Week 74: Japanese cotton cheesecake with cream cheese lemon curd frosting and fresh cream rosettes

I have been wanting to make a rosette cake, and I felt like I should make a Japanese cotten cheesecake. So, I made a Japanese cotten cheesecake and then covered it with rosettes. 🙂

I have made Japanese cheesecake before, but, this post really intrigued and I just felt I needed to give it a try. Seeing I am baking this cake “for fun”, I decided to go with half the portion just to see how it turns out. Well, it turned out okay, all except for the fact that the 6-inch cake tin was a tad too small for the batter and I ended up with a “volcano” moment. But, after trimming off the excess, it was alright. In future, I would bake the following in a 7-inch cake tin.

For the cheesecake

125g cream cheese

3 egg yolks

35g castor sugar

30g unsalted butter

50g full cream milk

½ tbsp lemon juice

½ tsp lemon zest

30g cake flour

10g cornflour

pinch of salt

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

3 egg whites

ÂĽ tsp cream of tartar

35g castor sugar

1) Pre-heat oven to 200°C (Top and bottom heat, no fan force)

2) Lightly grease cake tin and line bottom with parchment paper

3) Whisk cream cheese over bain-marie until smooth

4) Add yolks and whisk

5) Add half the sugar (35 g) and whisk

6) Warm milk and butter in a pan, and whisk into batter

7) Add vanilla, salt, lemon juice, lemon zest and whisk

8) Remove from water bath, sift flour and fold into mixture

9) Whisk whites with cream of tartar until foamy

10) Gradually add sugar and whisk to just after the ribbon stage and just before soft peaks

11) Fold whites into batter 1/3 at a time

12) Pour into cake pan and tap the pan on the counter to release air bubbles

13) Bake in a water bath on the bottommost rack in a preheated 200 degree C oven for 18 mins, lower to 160 degree C for 12 mins and turn off the oven and leave cake in the closed oven for 30mins. Open the door of the oven slightly at the end of the baking for 10mins for cake to cool.

For the stablised whipped cream (make this one day before you plan to frost the cake)

360g heavy cream, cold

45g icing sugar, sifted

1.5 tsp gelatine powder

1.5 tbsp heavy cream

1) Bloom gelatine powder in 1.5 tbsp heavy cream for 5 mins

2) Heat gelatine mixture over a bowl of simmering water to melt. Let cool to room temperature

3) Whisk cold heavy cream with icing sugar until soft peaks

4) While whisking, slowly pour cooled gelatine mixture into whipped cream and continue whisking until stiff peak.

5) Scrap into bowl, cover tightly with cling film and leave to set in fridge.

6) Next day, lightly whisk (with spoon or fork) by hand just before filling whipped cream into piping bag to be used as frosting.

I have not had the best experience with stablised whipped cream frosting. The taste is superb – light and refreshing, but, I was never pleased with the texture. So this time, I was pleasantly surprised, in fact, it’s a discovery by accident, that after the whipped cream has set in the fridge, a light whisk would yield the perfect texture for frosting! I guess now I can stop the search for the perfect whipping cream as I have found the perfect method for preparing it.

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