Week 72: Salted caramel and mocha cake

Ever since I saw Katherine Sabbath’s Instagram posts, I have been wanting to try my hands at one of these “uber tall” cakes. And I finally managed to get to it this week. Since I was not sure how this would turn out, I decided to make a small 6-inch cake. I made the multiple cake layers over the week nights, using half a portion of my favourite devil’s food cake recipe and a third of a portion of the salted caramel cake. Resulting in 4 cake layers. The chocolate cake layers were unfortunately significantly thicker than the caramel cake layers. But that is not a problem for a chocolate lover.
The flavour combination was originally inspired by this. I started off by making the angel’s food cake layer, but found that it was way too sweet for my liking. Hence, falling back on my more familiar cake choices. However, I did adopt the salted caramel mousse and the coffee Swiss meringue buttercream. I have to admit I was rather intrigued by the idea of the salted caramel mousse unfortunately the salted caramel just did not quite come through for me. Not a bad mousse, but, just not “salted caramel” enough. So, in the end, I drizzled a generous layer of salted caramel sauce on the caramel cake layers. I think that turned out to be quite good.

The surprising star turned out to be the coffee Swiss meringue buttercream. I have to say, of all my Swiss meringue buttercream endeavours, this is by far my favourite flavour, even more than, gasp, chocolate! The bitterness of the coffee just compliment the sweet buttercream so perfectly. The recipe called for 520g of Swiss meringue buttercream, and this was mixed with 1 tablespoon of instant espresso disolved in 1 tablespoon of hot water. However, that was way too much buttercream. In fact, I believe I was left with half of it, even after covering the cake quite generously. I am sure I can find uses for it.

For the toppings, I drizzled some chocolate ganache glaze which was sitting in my freezer. I think I thinned it out too much (or was too impatient and did not wait for it to cool down enough) so the drizzles were not quite satisfactory but it did cover the top of the cake with a smooth and shiny layer which I had never achieved with this kind of glaze. I topped the rest of the cake with last week’s meringue kisses and some caramel shards (100g sugar melted with 3 tablespoons water), which was also a little unsatisfactory as I failed to achieved the sharp edges that I was hoping for. But, it was purely decorative, so, no biggies. Overall, I was quite pleased with the cake, and I think this will serve as a nice birthday cake in the days to come. I just need to find a cake box tall enough to keep it in.


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