Week 69: Chocolate and hazelnut entremet

I have some chocolate and hazelnut Bavarian cream left over from the yule log I baked for Christmas, so I freeze them in these silicone domes. I managed to fill up three of them. Then I covered it with my faithful chocolate mirror glaze, and drizzled some white chocolate mirror glaze. For the base, I cut out little rounds of these hazelnut shortbread. And I believe it makes a nice and simple dessert.

This white chocolate mirror glaze is fast becoming my go-to white chocolate alternative, and it is so versatile to take on different colors. Absolutely love it!


85g heavy cream

20g water

15g corn syrup

130g good quality white chocolate, melted

2g gelatine dissolve in 1 Tbsp water

12g canola oil


1) Bring to boil heavy cream, water and corn syrup.

2) Pour over slowly to the melted white chocolate.

3) Whisk to combine, it will look curdle as soon as you add the liquid to the chocolate, but keep stirring and it will come together like thick syrup.

4) Once you achieved a smooth syrupy consistency, add the soften gelatine and whisk until it has all dissolved then gradually the oil. This gives it a lovely shimmer and loosen it up.

5) Add any gel colour as desired.

6) Let the glaze thicken a little before pouring it on the cake to make sure it doesn’t just run off,

The best thing about this really is that it takes on whatever colour you add onto it so vibrantly. For these little domes, I even added a little glitter, although they aren’t quite visible here. And it taste quite nice too. That, of course, is the most important part.


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