Week 64: Chocolate and hazelnut entremet

This is basically the same cake as Chocolate and hazelnut Bavarian cream with chocolate feuilletine crunch, I just thought it needed a shorter name. Anyway, I am super pleased with this attempt as I have finally discovered the technique for coloured mirror glaze!

For the base glaze, I used my trusted chocolate mirror glaze recipe, and for the coloured glaze, I separated a small amount of the white chocolate mirror glaze, tinted it to the shade I wanted using coloured gel paste, And added some edible shimmer. Heat the coloured mixture slightly by letting the bowl sit for a few seconds in a pot of hot water. It takes just a short while for the mixture to be runny.

Glaze the cake with the chocolate mirror glaze as normal. Smooth the sides of the cake to ensure they are covered. Then, drizzle the coloured glaze on top. Smooth the coloured glaze across the surface of the cake using an offset spatula until desired effect is obtained. I panicked when the glaze appeared to have set before i could smooth out the coloured glaze, and probably ended up pouring a bit too much chocolate glaze. Next time, I would probably have a cup of hot water nearby, so i can heat up the spatula, to prevent the glaze from setting too soon.

I finished the cake with some finely ground hazelnut praline, with was basically the extra candied hazelnuts, pulsed in the nut grinder.

It was a good effort, I think. And I can’t wait to make another one, soon.


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