Week 61: Red velvet cheesecake cake

Another birthday, but, last one of the year. Phew. As I was away for a trip the weekend before, I decided to go back to my simple and trusted red velvet cheesecake cake recipe. I guess it helps that the birthday girl likes both red velvet and cheesecake – what a coincidence! The best thing about this recipe is, you can whip up the 3 components separately, the cheesecake, the red velvet cake and the frosting. And the cake layers are really simple and quick, something I could easily do after work. Easy peasy. I doubled the original recipe to make a 8″ round cake – I have hungry friends.

I had to scratch my head for an original decoration though. And something that can sit in the freezer for 5 days without deteriorating, unlike the unfortunately incident with a certain chocolate sauce. After some research, I finally decided to give this white chocolate mirror glaze recipe a try. The recipe was more than enough to cover an 8″ cake, and I believe I have about half of it left. I separated a portion of it, dyed it with some red gel paste (but it turned out pink) and just drizzled it on the white glaze. I could probably do a better job at drizzling, but, I think it looked rather artistic, doesn’t it? I finished the decoration with a white chocolate dome and some crumbled red velvet cake trimmings.

And I am happy to announced that it survived the 5 days in the freezer. And I got raving reviews of the cake, especially the cheesecake layer. Sometimes, the best things in life are the simplest things.


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