I believe I have found the formula for that perfect light and fluffy pandan chiffon cake. The ingredients are pretty much the same as the original recipe I was using. But the method was tweaked for a bit, and I think, it does help to make the cake extra light - just how I like... Continue Reading →


Months after I bought my Le Creuset, I finally found the time and energy to break it out for my very first loaf of no-knead bread. And I have to say, once you bake your loaf in a cast iron pot, you don’t go back. Ever. It is difficult to believe the smell coming from... Continue Reading →

Another birthday, but, last one of the year. Phew. As I was away for a trip the weekend before, I decided to go back to my simple and trusted red velvet cheesecake cake recipe. I guess it helps that the birthday girl likes both red velvet and cheesecake - what a coincidence! The best thing... Continue Reading →

A friend of mine was celebrating her daughter’s first birthday and asked if I could help bake a batch of “pink and green” macarons. Haha. This is the first time someone requested a specific colour instead of flavour, giving me the space to experiment for a bit. After some research, I decided to go back... Continue Reading →

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