Week 58: Chocolate and hazelnut Bavarian cream with chocolate feuilletine crunch

September, October and November are crazy full with birthdays! And another good friend’s birthday finally convinced me to dig out my convex triangle cake ring. This cake uses the exact same recipe as the mini heart-shaped ones. In fact, one portion of the recipe was exactly the amount to fill up this particular cake ring. Superb. For the decorations, I tempered some chocolate, and moulded it using my silicone spheres and cut out some triangular pieces on acetate sheets.

I also made some caramel-dipped hazelnuts for decorations. I made only a fraction of the caramel, using 50g sugar with 1 tablespoon water. And that was enough to dip more than 20 hazelnuts (which I ate most of). It was tough, getting the caramel to the right consistency, but, after a few, you will get the hang of it. And in fact, I didn’t drip any on the floor at all. All good.

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