My biggest baking fail thus far. I know, it looked alright. And immediately after it was done, it tasted alright. Something was off, but, I couldn’t quite put a finger on it. After a night in the refrigerator, I found out what was wrong - it was too salty! 1 tsp in the pandan kaya... Continue Reading →


September, October and November are crazy full with birthdays! And another good friend’s birthday finally convinced me to dig out my convex triangle cake ring. This cake uses the exact same recipe as the mini heart-shaped ones. In fact, one portion of the recipe was exactly the amount to fill up this particular cake ring.... Continue Reading →

I am still searching for that perfect pandan chiffon cake. I am playing around with the original recipe I used. In fact, taste-wise, I think it is perfect. But I just cannot stand that it is like earthquake every time I take the cake out of the oven! Someone suggested that, instead of stiff peaks,... Continue Reading →

To celebrate a good friend’s birthday, I decided to bake a rainbow cake, hoping to put a smile on her face when she cuts into the cake. The irony of it was, I decided to bake this cake the morning after a crazy Friday night out drinking! I don’t normally share anecdotes as this is... Continue Reading →

Once again, my favourite devil’s food cake made it’s presence. However, this time I discovered, to my dismay, that the chocolate ganache glaze I used in my last cake did not freeze well. It was sitting in my freezer for 4 days, and when I took it out, I realised the glaze has cracked. It... Continue Reading →

Strange as it sounds, the best pandan chiffon I have ever tasted was over a Asian-French fusion brunch, at a posh 6-star hotel. It was so good and light that it’s literally like “eating air”! Air which tasted of the fragrant pandan leaves and coconut milk with lingering sweetness so mild that it balances your... Continue Reading →

It is difficult to believe the number of videos I have watched and the number of recipes I have browsed in order to find that perfect sweet tart crust. And this one might have been the one, except I was a bit too heavy-handed when adding the liquid and the crust ended up a bit... Continue Reading →

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