Week 52: Triple layer Devil’s food cake with chocolate pastry cream and covered with chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream and chocolate ganache

This is definitely my go-to chocolate cake recipe. It is simple and taste really awesome. This heart shape cake tin is a little smaller than the 8″ round cake tin, so I would have gotten a 4-layer cake, had I not run into some problems with the tin leaking batter. And I found out that the batter is quite robust as well. As I had to stop the baking and clean up the oven after the first cake, and the second cake still came out great.

As my friend ordered this together with another set of mini chocolate cakes, I figure, I will lighten it a little by filling the layers with chocolate pastry cream and covering the cake with some chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream. To add to the decoration I covered the top with a thin layer of chocolate ganache glaze.


For Swiss meringue buttercream

125g egg whites

125g castor sugar

250g unsalted butter

100g dark chocolate couverture, melted

For chocolate ganache glaze

40g dark chocolate couverture

40g whipping cream

30g unsalted butter


1) For the buttercream, follow the directions from this recipe. When the basic buttercream is well-whipped, add the melted chocolate and fold in. Ensure that the melted chocolate is cooled but still runny.

2) For the chocolate glaze, scald the whipping cream to boiling point, then pour it over the chocolate. Let sit for 5 minutes, then, stir gently to incorporate the cream and chocolate.

3) When the ganache is smooth, stir in the butter. Use immediately before it thickens.

The amount of the ganache was just perfect to cover the top of the cake. Initially I thought I would have to leave the middle empty and just drip the glaze along the sides. However, it was enough to cover the entire top. The buttercream however, was way too much. I had about half of it left! I supposed that is a good reason to make another cake, soon.


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