I couldn’t believe how difficult it is to find a good book on entremet, when one does not read French. Says something about the quality of cakes amongst the non-French-speaking society, doesn’t it? One of the most popular English book I managed to find is Karen Krasne’s Extraordinary Cakes. It is not quite a book... Continue Reading →


I think my second attempt at these mini cakes came out better. I used my go-to chocolate cake as the sponge base. I made half the portion of the chocolate cake and was left with more than half of cakes! I baked it in the 9" x 13" sheet pan and had a difficult time... Continue Reading →

I have been wanting to try out this recipe for the longest time, and was glad to finally get to it. It was a lot simpler than I thought it would be. Unfortunately, my 3.5" cake rings were a little bigger than the ones used in the original recipe, so I ended up with only... Continue Reading →

I have always loved salted caramel, and perpetually have a jar of it sitting in my refrigerator. I saw this recipe a while back and my friend’s office birthday party is the perfect reason to make it. I followed the recipe almost exactly, except I made only half the salted caramel sauce and extra frosting... Continue Reading →

This is definitely my go-to chocolate cake recipe. It is simple and taste really awesome. This heart shape cake tin is a little smaller than the 8" round cake tin, so I would have gotten a 4-layer cake, had I not run into some problems with the tin leaking batter. And I found out that... Continue Reading →

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