Week 46: Lemon and Plaisir Sucré macarons

I promised a good friend, the next time we met, I would let him try some of my homemade macarons. And I thought, I would choose 2 of my favourite flavours for the occasion – the lemon and plaisir sucré macarons.

I believe I have finally found a way to ensure the macaron shells are baked perfectly. For dark coloured shells, usually those with chocolate, I would bake it at 180C until the feet is fully formed. Then, lowered it to 150C for the first 8 minutes (including baking time at 180C), then, finally lowering it to 120C for 4 minutes. At the end of 4 minutes, test the doneness lightly moving the shells from the parchment. If it lifts easily, it is done. If not, extend baking time by 2 minutes each time and repeat with test until they are done.

For light coloured shells, bake at 120C for 20 minutes. And then check doneness and repeat with 2 minutes baking time until done.

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