I promised a good friend, the next time we met, I would let him try some of my homemade macarons. And I thought, I would choose 2 of my favourite flavours for the occasion - the lemon and plaisir sucré macarons. I believe I have finally found a way to ensure the macaron shells are... Continue Reading →


It has taken me forever to finally get to this, despite having cooked the lemon curd a few weeks back. I supposed I am normally not a big fan of lemon tarts. But, since Meyer lemons are so rare in Singapore, it would be a total waste if I did not make good of the... Continue Reading →

So, I have finally got the chance to replicate the butter croissant recipe I learnt from the pastry class a few weeks ago and I am proud to say, it was a success! Since the marble slab I have at home is rather small, I decided to half the recipe, using only 150g butter. And... Continue Reading →

Okay, so the baking hermit took a break from baking and made these steamed traditional “kueh”. Thanks to a friend of mine who spent a good part of the weekend talking about “kueh lapis”. After which, that was all I wanted to eat! I know it is easy enough to buy a few slices from... Continue Reading →

I have been wanting to try these for a while, and I finally got around to it. Kudos to my friend, who made them look so gorgeous. Mine just looked like a bunch of mould-covered-rocks. I would have wanted to pipe in more pastry cream, but would have risk the muffins bursting. Anyway, they turned... Continue Reading →

My last strawberry shortcake attempt was not very successful, seeing I still have 5 of the 6 slices sitting in my freezer. So, when a friend asked me to help make a strawberry shortcake for his wife’s birthday, I was a little reluctant. But, he seemed quite set on it. So I promised I would... Continue Reading →

A good friend of mine is celebrating this big 4-0 this week, and since he had been complaining that he had never got to taste any of my baked goods, I thought I’d make a batch of these coffee and pistachio macarons. The only slight modification I made was: For the coffee ganache, to increase... Continue Reading →

I have only ever read about these elusive Meyer lemons from baking blogs for the past few months. And surprise, surprise, when I was walking down the supermarket isle last weekend, I saw a bunch of these Meyer lemons. What are the chances? Despite costing 2 to 3 times that of the normal lemons, I... Continue Reading →

A friend of mine ordered a rainbow cake for her colleague’s birthday. And since the birthday girl does not like chocolate, we decorated the cake with lemon-flavoured cream cheese frosting. I pretty just did a huge batch of the filling I used for my lemon macarons, and according to my friend, it was delicious! And... Continue Reading →

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