Week 41: Tiramisu cake

Thanks to Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, I have finally discovered the secret to baking a nice and flat cake, which is perfect for making layered cakes.  And this is the perfect recipe for using my new bake even strips.

Since I followed the original recipe to the T, i figure there is no need to duplicate it. I have to say, though, while I am usually not a big fan of sponge cakes, but this one is absolutely delicious. I think the almond extract really helped tip the scales. And I think the golden granulated sugar must have given the cake additional depth.

I used about 22 sponge fingers for the decoration. It does make it a lot easier than having to smooth the sides of the cake. And it serves as a nice dimension of texture too. I piped a simple border on the top of the cake, encircling the fruit decorations. I had a lot of mascarpone frosting left though. Maybe I’ll use it for some tiramisu cupcakes.

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