Week 38: Coffee and lemon macarons

I think I am beginning to master baking 2-flavoured macaron batches. These turned out rather perfect, if I should say so myself. The trick, which I missed out the last time, is to ensure the second flavoured meringue is covered properly while piping the first flavoured meringue, It also helps to fold rather quickly, and as usual, to ensure that the meringue is mixed enough that it flows “like lava”.

I separated the almond, icing sugar and egg white mixture into 2 separate bowl, one for each flavour. But, as it might be difficult to handle a small volume of Italian meringue, that was prepared as one batch, and then divided equally between the 2 flavoured bowls. To do this, weigh the empty mixer bowl. And weigh again when the meringue is ready, and separate it accordingly.

Makes 24 cookies of each flavour


For the Italian meringue

56g egg white

150g granulated sugar

40g water

For the coffee-flavoured shells

27g egg white

75g ground almond

75g icing sugar

5g instant coffee

1.5 tsp pure coffee extract

For the lemon-flavoured shells

27g egg white

75g ground almond

75g icing sugar

Lemon color paste

For the coffee filling

100g heavy cream

10g instant coffee

50g dark chocolate couverture (70%)

100g milk chocolate couverture (35%)

For the lemon filling

120g Swiss meringue buttercream

60g cream cheese

45g lemon curd (I cheated and used Marks and Spencer’s Sicilian Lemon Curd)

Zest of 1 lemon


1) Follow the directions from the Earl Grey macarons to make the macaron shells, starting by separating the ingredients for the shells in 2 separate bowls.

2) For the coffee filling, heat the heavy cream with instant coffee and stir to dissolve. When heavy cream comes to a bowl, pour it into the chocolate mixture and let sit for 5 minutes. Stir slowly until ganache is well mixed.

3) For the lemon filling, mix Swiss meringue buttercream and cream cheese and beat using the whisk attachment of a stand mixer. Then, add the lemon curd and beat until mixture is lightly whipped.

There is a bit leftover of the coffee ganache, probably enough to fill 2 more cookies. I ended up with a quarter of the lemon buttercream, so, in future, I would probably cut it down to 100g of Swiss meringue buttercream. Also, if I ever make the coffee ganache again, I will try using all milk chocolate couverture as the bitterness of the coffee should balance out the sweetness of the milk chocolate.

Update: I finally had a taste test. The coffee macaron is the least sweet macaron I have ever tasted, with a very strong coffee taste. And the lemon macaron was absolutely decadent! I am speechless.

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