I have learnt to appreciate having frozen tart crust in the freezer, for lazy Saturday mornings. 770 calorie per slice (1/6 of a 9" tart), but worth every calorie! No wonder brunch is the favourite meal of the day.


Lately I have been fascinated by entremet, which is basically a moussed-based layer cake with multiple flavours and textures. The interest probably started from the first time I successfully glazed a cake. And that is pretty much all I have been reading up on since. For my first official entremet, I decided to go with... Continue Reading →

Ever since I discovered Swiss meringue buttercream, I have never wanted any other buttercreams for my cakes. The texture is light and creamy and is smooth enough that it looks great piped as decoration. And it freezes well too. All you need to do is to thaw it in the fridge then re-whipped it for... Continue Reading →

I have made several attempts at making pâte à choux, and finally, I got a success story to tell. Well, partly successful. I kind of over baked the cream puffs, but, at least they did not shrink on me. And they actually tasted quite good, even without the pastry cream filling. All thanks to the... Continue Reading →

As much as I love all things Pierre Hermé, I have to say, my Asian palette prefers my nutty desserts to be tinged with a little salt. So, I have been thinking about the filling for the pistachio and hazelnut macarons I made a while back. And wondering how I can adjust it to better... Continue Reading →

This is the first item I attempt from Pierre Hermé’s Chocolate Desserts book. Getting a copy of this book was in itself as challenge. As the book has been out of print for a while. Finally, I got a used copy of Amazon, and thankfully the book was in good condition. This is a multi-component... Continue Reading →

So I found out, the secret to a successful batch of croissants, is a marble rolling pin!

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