Week 30: Red velvet cheesecake

A friend of mine helped get me a bottle of port from the airport duty-free, so, as a reward, I thought I would bake a cake for his birthday. As I was trawling online for something interesting, I came across this recipe. Red velvet cake, which is essentially chocolate cake, with a layer of cheesecake. My 2 favourite cakes in one!

And I couldn’t believe how simple this cake is. I made this using 8-inch cake tins and since I only have 2 cake tins, I thought I would separate the bake over 2 days. I started with the red velvet layers. Which came out quite nice and moist. On the second day, I baked the cheesecake layer and since none of my cake tins came with removable base, I lined the bottom and sides of the tin. Once the cheesecake has cooled, I popped it into the freezer.

I made the cake a week in advanced, and kept it in the freezer. And thankfully, it freezes very well. Both the red velvet and cheesecake layers were delicious! And the thin cream cheese frosting added just that extra zing. A warning though, at 776 calories per slice (at 12 servings per cake), this is not the cake for the calorie conscious.


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