Week 26: Pandan chiffon cake

There is just something about pandan chiffon cake that brings back memories of childhood. And even though I am not big on chiffon cakes, somehow, I just thought I should take up the challenge. I decided to go with Christine’s version of this recipe, since I enjoyed the Japanese cheesecake so much. And then I realised, chiffon cakes are tricky.

Makes one 8″ cake

For the batter

4 egg yolks

16 gm caster sugar

80 gm cake flour

¾ tsp baking powder

80 ml coconut milk

2 Tbsp pandan juice (see below for making pandan juice)

2 ½ Tbsp olive oil

For the egg whites 

4 egg whites

48 gm caster sugar

½ tsp cream of tartar

For the pandan juice

10 pandan leaves, fresh or frozen

1 ½ Tbsp water


1) Preheat oven to 170C (338F).

2) Beat the egg yolks with a balloon whisk and mix in 16 grams of sugar. Add coconut milk, pandan juice, and a few drops of pandan paste (if desired). Combine well.

3) Sift in cake flour and baking powder in three batches into the egg yolk mixture. Mix well. Lastly, add olive oil. Set aside.

4) Use a large clean bowl, making sure there’s no water or oil in it. Beat the egg whites with an electric mixer until bubbles form. Add the cream of tartar. After mixing well, add the 48 grams of sugar in three batches, about one-third at a time, and beat well between additions. Continue to beat until stiff peaks form.

5) Spoon out 1/3 of the beaten egg whites and fold into the egg mixture. Lightly fold in the rest of the beaten egg whites with a spatula, until just combined.

6) Pour into the cake pan and bake in preheated oven for about 35 to 40 minutes. After baking the first 15 minutes, if you find your cake gets browning, reduce heat to 150C(302F), continue to bake until cooked through. A needle comes out clean when inserted in the middle.

7) Remove cake from the oven. invert the pan immediately. Allow it to cool completely.

To make pandan juice:

8) Chop pandan leaves into chunks, pop in a food processor and add about 1 ½ tablespoons of water. Process to small pieces.

9) Place pandan leaves in a muslin bag and squeeze out the juice. You need about 2 tablespoons of it to make this cake. If you don’t have a muslin bag, just use your clean hand to squeeze out the juice.

The recipe above has been downsized from 5 eggs to 4 eggs, as the batter for 5 eggs appeared to be too much for the chiffon tin I was using. I shall attempt it with 4 eggs next time.


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