Once in a while, you come across a bread recipe that is easy, delicious and healthy, relatively. On those occasions, you rejoice and enjoy the fruits of your finding. This parmesan cheese bread recipe is one such occasion. These bread rolls are rather chewy and the addition of the parmesan makes it more “colourful” than... Continue Reading →


A friend of mine helped get me a bottle of port from the airport duty-free, so, as a reward, I thought I would bake a cake for his birthday. As I was trawling online for something interesting, I came across this recipe. Red velvet cake, which is essentially chocolate cake, with a layer of cheesecake.... Continue Reading →

The Earl Grey chiffon cake is inspired by Anna Olson’s Back to Baking. As I have been making a few pandan chiffon cakes in the past few weeks, I thought something different will be nice. While there is a recipe for Earl Grey chiffon in the book, the one I finally used is adapted from... Continue Reading →

A friend of mine has recently started calorie counting and has been bombarding me with tonnes of information about fats, calories and the like. So, for next week’s breakfast, I decided to bake something a little, ahem, healthier. And what can possibly be healthier than a batch of Peter Reinhart’s lean bread. This recipe is... Continue Reading →

Since I am a fan of smoked salmon, and I thought I should try something other than my standard quiche Lorraine, this appeared to be a good choice. As usual, I stuck to my trial and tested tart pastry. As mentioned by the originator, this quiche probably only appeals to someone who likes smoked salmon,... Continue Reading →

I was over myself with joy at how this cake turned out. Taste aside (and it tasted awesome according to my friends, and I agreed), it looked exactly as I hope it would look, and way better than my first attempt at mirror glazing a cake. The cake base is David Lebovitz’s Devil’s Food Cake,... Continue Reading →

I gave these another try, without wholewheat flour. Unfortunately, it did not turn out that great either. Maybe it is time I consider taking a class on puff pastries.

I am practising decorating chocolate cakes for my friend’s birthday, and decided to try out 2 recipes I been looking at for a while, Rose Berenbaum’s moist chocolate genoise and chocolate cream and chocolate glaze from Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery. The recipe I ended up using was adapted from the 2 books above: Makes one... Continue Reading →

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