Week 22: Rainbow cake

It was a rainbow cake that finally got me started on baking. So it seems appropriate to bake one to celebrate the birthday of the friend who helped got me my Kitchen Aid mixer, even if all I could give him was a picture of the completed cake.
After browsing through tonnes of recipes, most of them rather basic, I have decided to go with this one. I was a little doubtful initially when I saw that the cake uses only egg whites. But, I reckon that really helped to bring out the vibrant colours. For the colouring, I used the following Wilton colour paste: Christmas Red, Orange, Lemon Yellow, Leaf Green, Royal Blue and Violet.

In order not to end up with another 9 egg yolks, I decided to go with a simple cream cheese frosting, using 100g soft butter with 250g cream cheese, and icing sugar to taste (and texture).

Unfortunately, the cream cheese frosting was only enough to layer the cakes and to apply a very thin crumb coat on the outside of the cake. So, to finish off, I made a portion of the chocolate ganache frosting from this recipe. Which turned out to be a little too much, as I have about half of it left after applying a rather generous layer all over the cake.

The final test of a rainbow cake is when you cut out a slice, and just look at those beautifully coloured layers! And it doesn’t taste half bad either.

Some tips to note:

1) Prepare the cream cheese frosting before starting on the cake layers, and leave it in the fridge to chill. This way you can start layering the cake as soon as they are ready.

2) Weigh your mixing bowl so you can get the final total weight of the batter. Make sure to divide it as evenly as possible, so you end up with even layers.

3) I used 8″ cake tins and this resulted in rather thin cake layers. Do the “spring test” (press the middle of the cake with your finger and make sure it springs back) before removing the cake from the oven.

4) Make sure to line the bottom of the cake tin, the batter is rather sticky. And be careful handling the cake. It is both sticky and prone to breaking (since the layers are quite thin).

And probably one final tip, it was not a good idea to start this at 10 p.m., even if it was a Saturday night.


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