Week 19: Pistachio macaron

I found out, the lighter the color of a macaron shell, the more tricky it is to make. My first batch of these pale green cookie turned out slightly browned. Which made me sad, and ended up being binned. So for the second batch, I put the oven temperature at 150C to start, and once the little feet was fully formed, turned the temperature down to 120C. With the total baking time stretched to 20 minutes. Still, some parts were very lightly browned, but, passable.

I followed Pierre Hermé’s recipe for the pistachio ganache:

Makes enough to fill 40 macarons


150 g whipping cream

150 g white chocolate

28 g ground pistachio


1) Add the ground pistachio to the whipping cream and put to boil.

2) Melt white chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.

3) Once cream mixture starts to boil, add to the melted white chocolate. Leave to sit for a minute, then, slowly mix, starting from the center.

4) Leave to cool, then, put into the fridge to thicken.

I was supposed to add the bitter almond extract (which was not easy to find and costs quite a bit) but I forgot! Argh. Still, I thought it turned out alright. Although, if I do this again, I would probably toast the pistachios before grinding it, to give it a stronger nutty flavor.

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