Week 19: Savoury cheese cookies

So, I was at the annual Chinese New Year cookies galore at Ngee Ann City last weekend and tasted this awesome savory cheese cookies. Normally, the only thing I would be thinking is, “how many cans of cookies should I get?”. But strangely, this time, I saw the $32 price tag and cringed. No way I’m paying that kind of money for cookies! Not unless they are made of gold, okay, maybe silver!

So, I started my search for some cheese cookie recipes. I am surprised how few there are. But, I finally came across this, which looked rather promising. I followed the recipe to the ’T’, even finger rubbing the chilled butter (okay, I was short on time, so I chucked the cubed butter in the freezer), instead of working it on the food processor. Which, I discovered, was a rather relaxing activity, provided the butter is cold enough and does not melt in your hands.

The taste of the cookie was superb. However, I think I was a bit too cautious and ended up under-baking the cookies. I supposed I can always pop them into the oven again, when it is closer to Chinese New Year. The only thing I can’t fix is, well, short of a nice cookie cutter, I was intending to cut these little treats into diamond-shaped cookies. Unfortunately, I ended up cutting them into little squares. Not the most auspicious shape for the holidays.


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