Week 17: French chocolate macaron

So, now that I know the “techniques”, I decided to give this recipe another go. I followed the recipe pretty much, except, i cut the sugar to 45 grams, and I added 4 grams of egg white powder. And look at the beautiful “feet”!

I realised, the only thing i did differently is that i let the batter sit, in an air-conditioned room, for a really long time. More than an hour. Until the skin has formed, and it does not stick when touched. Apparently, the feet is formed in the oven, when the macaron is heated, and air tries to escape. And since there is a skin over the top of the cookie, the only way out for the air is through the bottom, thus, forming the feet!

And not only do they look like actual macarons this time, i got raving reviews from my friends, including a really picky French dude. That is definitely good enough for me. And worth the long learning experience.


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