Made these again, but this time done entirely on my shiny, new Kitchen Aid mixer. It does make it so much easier, since the dough is so sticky. They taste just a good. Looks like this will be one of my go-to wholewheat bread recipe in the days to come.


It is nearing the lunar new year, and some cookies seemed like the appropriate bake. But since I am not a big fan of traditional lunar new year cookies, I thought I’d give these sablés a try. These cookies are surprisingly light, in both taste and texture. And it was such fun to pipe them.... Continue Reading →

The macaron shell recipe is Pierre Hermé’s standard macaron recipe, as described in my earlier post, minus the Earl Grey tea leaves, and with the cocoa solid bumped up to 60 grams. After piping, the shells are dusted lightly with cocoa powder. I find this particular recipe is a bit more “fragile”, probably due to... Continue Reading →

Another one of Pierre Hermé’s classic macaron recipe. Appears to be a favourite amongst my friends. I guess it is difficult to screw up hazelnut. Makes approximately 40 macarons (80 shells) INGREDIENTS For the macaron shells 75g ground almonds 75g ground hazelnuts 150g icing sugar 55g ‘liquefied’ egg whites + 125g caster sugar 38g mineral... Continue Reading →

Another attempt at Martha Stewart’s chocolate swiss roll. But instead of the whipping cream that came with the original recipe, I made some chocolate whipped cream adapted from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Cake Bible, which was absolutely delicious! Makes enough to fill a 9 x 13 inch swiss roll with spare 1 ¼ cup heavy cream... Continue Reading →

I found out, the lighter the color of a macaron shell, the more tricky it is to make. My first batch of these pale green cookie turned out slightly browned. Which made me sad, and ended up being binned. So for the second batch, I put the oven temperature at 150C to start, and once... Continue Reading →

So, I was at the annual Chinese New Year cookies galore at Ngee Ann City last weekend and tasted this awesome savory cheese cookies. Normally, the only thing I would be thinking is, “how many cans of cookies should I get?”. But strangely, this time, I saw the $32 price tag and cringed. No way... Continue Reading →

Gosh, if I’d know the Italian meringue method of making macarons is so much easier, and almost fool-proof, it would have saved me so much heartache. Not to mention eggs, eggs and eggs! And this recipe is from none other than my current favorite patissier, monsieur Pierre Hermé himself! It is amazing that his book,... Continue Reading →

I loved the brioche I made 2 weeks ago so much, that I decided to make another one! This time, I used pancetta and leg ham, and a mixture of grated cheddar and mozzarella. For the herbs, i went with fresh rosemary, dried thyme and oregano - no more basil! I have yet to master... Continue Reading →

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